Sunday, April 3, 2011

Extended Comments on Title IX [focusing on athletics]

        Sarah's blog post for this week stood out the most to me because i can relate to her stories and connections. i also agreed with the statements made in the article she choose. It states that the most popular activities for females to take part in were dancing [square-dancing] and cheerleading. personally i would dislike doing both for an extended period of time but would want to do something because i enjoy being active. since i was little my attitude has always been, i can do anything a boy can do and no one can tell me different. and i feel this is true for anyone, a job or sport can be done by any person no matter what gender they are. men and women should have he same pay for the same jobs and same amount of attention available, even if the audience still prefers to pay more attention to the men.
        As Sarah states, athletics are a good alternative from drugs and other troublesome activities. they have less time to sit around and think of better ways to entertain themselves. being active makes your body healthier which in turn usually makes one think about making healthier choices all around and carrying out these thoughts.  which can decrease the chances of getting certain diseases in life. i am a runner, i was a member of my high school track team for all four years and am currently on the track team here. whenever i go a couple days without running my body feels weird. i feel like i have been making unhealthy choices. i use running as a way to have personal time and get my mind off of daily problems and dilemmas. by being allowed to compete against other schools and other girls i can test my personal limits and satisfy my competitive personality. I am even competitive when it comes to how much attentions girls get compared to boys and the lack of recognition women receive everywhere.
        In an article from Dr. Bogad's blog [] there were several examples of women's personal privacy getting invaded and nothing being done to remedy the situation. This article made me upset. college students do not take rape and sex seriously, i would expect this behavior from high schoolers or middle schoolers but maybe i set my expectations of people too high. soem statements said by these students were disgusting and very rude. it seems that they just constantly taunt women. they women complain but nothing gets done. this is extremely wrong in my eyes and even though Title IX has made some drastic, positive changes, i am not fully satisfied with todays gender controversies. i feel that if men were to realize the issue and try to make a change then things would happen, if women keep trying we may just keep hitting the same wall.

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