Sunday, April 24, 2011

Education Is Politics


        I believe that an enthusiastic teacher makes for an enthusiastic classroom. students who are eager to learn will learn better because they feel more comfortable with their teacher and classmates and therefore will ask more questions and help themselves understand the material better.  students learn better when the process is creative. i know this is true from personal experience. i like to do hands on activities and prefer to be in a group or at least allowed to be up and walking around while i learn. i feel this helps take care of my ancyness [?] it also is just more interesting, i am an athlete and have always been use to constantly moving around and having a busy schedule. a classroom that is active but controlled is ideal for me and probably will be how my future classroom will be.
        there is a comment in this article about the star charts and how competition is a good aspect in a classroom. but out of competition is a winner and a loser and soon we being to learn how to categorize other people and judge them for things that do not need to be judged such as a persons pace of learning. i feel that the only competition in a classroom should be friendly competition with no immediate winner or loser. children can be praised for their work and know that their hard work paid off. in the real world their are winners and losers. there will always be someone else competing against you for a job, a spot on a team, a dorm room, a college acceptance, maybe even a significant other. to be oblivious and completely protected from the thought of winners and losers will only hurt the children. i feel there is a happy medium for this situation. i disagree with the statistics about females not being as good in math and other things. anyone can beat the norm. and not just one person but many people can beat the norms. challenging statements and theories is the part of growing and learning. a baby naturally challenges gravity as they try to walk. they challenge their bodies without even knowing it when they start to roll over and crawl. toddlers challenge parents orders and discover good and bad consequences. this continues all through peoples lives and should be occurring naturally in classrooms.

this was a long read, i was getting annoyed with some statements that were being said and ideas being brought up. i feel people think into life too much, maybe i think this way because i try not to let things get to me and have always been very easy going, so statements about not being excited for classes and trying to figure out what was wrong was not so interesting for me because it is different in every class room and up to the teacher to figure out what they need to fix and work within that school to make their learning/teaching environment better for all.


  1. I completely agree with the very first sentence of your blog. I remember when I was in school if the teacher had a bland attitude, I did not want to learn what they had to teach me, but if the teacher was lively and enthusiastic about the lesson I wanted to see what she/he had in store.

  2. I agree with what you and mariah both brought up. If i had a teacher in high school that had a bad attitude, i also would have a bad attitude to what they were trying to teach me.